invisible material was Movement Research's 2017 Fall Festival. 

Artist-curators Jonathan Gonzalez, Zavé Martohardjono, and EmmaGrace Skove-Epes approach Movement Research’s Fall Festival by considering collective practices and the workings of collectivity amidst economies of individualism in this current moment. Comprised of performances, workshops, and gatherings led by collectives, invisible material ponders interventions of unfolding in the fold, meandering and mess-making, and coordinating in the in-between.

For the design, we focused on their concepts of layering as a way to reveal images inside a complex image, and we wanted to marry a DIY aesthetic reminiscent of punk zines while clearly laying out the information.

Purple 2602U Final Fall Festival Brochure 2017.jpg
Purple 2602U Final Fall Festival Brochure 20172.jpg