THE RECEPTION, created by Sean Donovan and Sebastián Calderón Bentin, premiered in June 2017 at HERE.

THE RECEPTION was a surrealist dance theatre work with tightly choreographed actions--initially everything seemed to be functioning like an ordinary reception, but eventually things are revealed to be looping and folding in on themselves; there's repetition of subtle moments like moving a glass from one hand to the other, and things begin to devolve into a fully surreal landscape. For the final reveal, the set is turned into a makeshift ship. It's very otherworldly, juxtaposing reality and fantasy- working with time as a moldable thing and repetition as a marker for chaos. Lots to contend with when building a design!

I had the idea for a coaster because it's a party supply, it's easily pocketable and speaks of the location of the work. For the static logo and the congruence of logos on the front of the coaster, I wanted to hint at the time repetition by reversing some of the letters, to make an almost mirror image that bounces the eye through the formality and modernity of the font. We chose shades of blues to hint at the untethered and seafaring imagery that shows up in the piece.




In addition to square cards, we created coasters that were passed out at neighboring organizations and bars.